official Rules

If you're not planning to compete for the time-based prize, you don't have too much reading to do. In order to be eligible for the race photo package drawing, you must:

  1. Register for the Photo Finish 5K Challenge before the deadline of August 1, 2020, at 12:00 AM

  2. Complete a 5K run between your time of registration and August 1 at 12:00 AM

If you ARE competing for the time-based prizes, it gets a little trickier. In a normal race, the fairness of the race is self-regulated by having everyone compete at the same time, on the same day, on the same course. In a virtual run, Runner A might run on a flat 1-mile loop, while Runner B might have to run on a hilly out-and-back course, while Runner C might have access to a 3 mile downhill stretch. In this situation, Runner C will have an advantage. As such, we're going to have to implement a few rules to keep things fair. Of course, there's no way to make sure everyone has the same weather or the same wind or the same route, but we can try to keep it fair. So if you checked or plan to check the "I plan to compete for a time-based prize" box on the registration, make sure you follow these rules. You must:

  1. Have GPS data of your run that is made available online via Strava, Garmin, or a similar platform

  2. Email a link of your data to before August 1 at 12:00 AM

  3. Submit your run's elapsed time* at

*Elapsed time is the total time from the moment you start your run to the time you complete the run, including any stops, breaks, or pauses. For example, if you start your run at 12:00 PM and pause your watch for a 5-minute break at each mile and finish at 12:40, your watch might say your time was 25 minutes. However, your elapsed time will include the pauses, and will show 40 minutes.

Additionally, the route you choose must have an average elevation loss of LESS THAN 20 ft per mile (total of 62 feet net downhill across your entire run). The easiest way around that is by running a loop: if you start and finish at the same place, your net downhill will be zero.

And of course, make sure you follow all social distancing and traffic laws according to your location's regulations. You are responsible for your safety, and no race result is worth compromising your health, no matter how fast or how big of a PR you're on track for!

As for the prizes and 50% off offers:

  1. There is no expiration date on the free Race Photo Package or 50% offer

  2. 50% offer is applicable to the purchase of any photo package or product/print from Pixieset

  3. The value of the Race Photo Package ($200) can be applied to any other single photo package

  4. Race Photo Package and 50% off offers can not be combined